Body Hair Removal For Men

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As I was looking through celebrity gossip magazines at the checkout counter, I came across an article on body hair removal for men. The article was fashion and stated that men understand that, just like women prefer not to have hairy women, men also prefer to remove some fur from their bodies, especially the back.

You can’t beat the smoothness of skin that is free from hair. This is especially true for men who have excess body hair on their backs and chests. For all the ladies who have a man with hairy backs, you know how embarrassing it is to have to apply sunscreen to that carpet.

Here are some methods to get rid of unwanted body hair, guys…

1. Shave. Almost all men know how to shave. However, shaving doesn’t need to be limited to the face. Many men will shave off their chests and backs, and many others will do the same. You will notice some stubble after a few days. You should consider shaving if you are looking to get rid of unwanted hair.

2. Waxing. This works well for larger areas such as the back and chest. However, this method is not recommended for your legs unless you are a Chippendale dancer or professional bodybuilder. You can expect a long-lasting result with wax. Although the time required to complete a wax will vary between people, you should not have to do it again for more than a few weeks.

Waxing can be painful, but it’s not as severe as you might think. It has been a tradition for women to wax (in some very sensitive areas, I might add).

3. Laser. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are more permanent and costly options. Both of these options will provide some permanent hair removal, but it is unlikely that you will get permanent results. Each of these methods of hair removal requires multiple treatments and can be quite costly.

You should be cautious about who you hire to do the procedure if you decide on one of these options. These procedures are too painful to let someone inexperienced take the reins.

There are many options for body hair removal. No matter which type you choose to use, make sure you read all instructions and talk to your doctor about any side effects before you decide on the best method for you.

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